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SPIKA Releases Spotlight 1.25

Development is vital and we continually work on new innovations. Our cloud-based SaaS clients can now take full advantage of the latest features in our marketing and consumer engagement platform.

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What we do

  • Spotlight
    Spotlight, our marketing and consumer engagement platform Innovative and effective, Spotlight extends, enriches and personalises your marketing campaigns whilst capturing valuable consumer insights in real time. Spotlight is powerful, flexible and configurable and has a proven track record with large scale enterprises allowing you to measure customer insight and to personalize customer experience.

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  • SPIKA Loyalty
    Tailored loyalty and engagement solutions for leading brands At SPIKA we have extensive experience in advising and providing global leaders in consumer engagement with integrated technical solutions for successful CRM, consumer loyalty and engagement programs. Our loyalty schemes increase customer engagement and result in measurable bottom-line contributions to profit.
  • SPIKA Retail Solutions
    Retail in-store solutions Bringing relevant innovation and technology to brick and mortar stores is essential to identify and provide your customers with a personalised experience in store. At SPIKA we deliver solutions that can be accessed on EPOS systems or handheld devices in store to bridge the gap between online and traditional retail.
  • SPIKA Real Time Reporting
    Big Data | CRM | Real Time Reporting Connected and integrated systems can quickly produce overwhelming levels of information leading to important data being overlooked. SPIKA can help you identify and understand relevant data and provide you with the tools and systems you need to make real-time informed decisions with up-to-date intelligence.
  • SPIKA Interative eLearning
    Interactive eLearning for the health sector Together with Kings College London, and building on our know-how in dealing with large data volumes, UX and personalisation, we’ve developed ‘Circuits’ a highly interactive and instructor-led training program for the health sector containing over 300 content managed activities, wizards and tutorials.

    Currently translated into six languages and accessible from tablets and PCs, Circuits enables Kings College to time and capture user interactions which can be aggregated and fed into research projects.

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Our Work

  • DMR France
  • MoreMarvel
  • Shield
  • Avengers
  • Monster University
  • Little Mermaid
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  • Channel 5 Stay Alive
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  • Circuits
  • DMR NA
  • DMR France DMR France
  • MoreMarvel MoreMarvel
  • Shield Shield
  • Avengers Avengers
  • Monster University Monster University
  • Little Mermaid Little Mermaid
  • Planes Planes
  • Channel 5 Channel 5
  • Star Wars Star Wars
  • BT Fresca BT Fresca
  • Circuits Circuits

Who we are

SPIKA is a digital agency providing advanced technology enablement solutions to brand leaders. We’re mainly known for our marketing and consumer engagement platforms that enhance customer loyalty and generate new revenue channels.

For 11 years, SPIKA has provided a level of customer excellence which is second to none. The founders of SPIKA have Swedish roots, and adopt a philosophy which is inspired by Scandinavian principles of practicality, purposeful design, and a to-the-point approach.

The word ‘SPIKA’ is Swedish for 'nail', in the context of nailing something down or obtaining agreement. By applying these principles we are able to translate your business goals into practical digital marketing solutions that demonstrate a very clear return on your investment.

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