SPIKA coordinating professionals to give school children the best start in life.

St Dominic’s School works with children with special needs

They had a number of challenges:

  • A lot of people are involved in the education of special needs pupils: teachers, therapists, psychologists… The school needed a central system where all those people could work together in an efficient way, keeping track of the pupil’s progresses
  • The school was developing a new curriculum to help children achieve their goals. In parallel to the standard National Curriculum, they developed a new Needs Led Curriculum: a set of “I can” statements (I can organize my day, I can wash myself…) where pupils can be assessed to track their progresses. The school needed a tool to assess the pupils
  • The school wanted to engage pupils in keeping up the good work, and parents in making them more aware of their children progresses
  • The timeframe was very tight, they only had 4 months to complete the application in time for the beginning of new year

SPIKA’s approach to solving the challenges:

SPIKA separated the solution in 2 separate apps:

  • One for teachers, easy to use so that assessing pupils would be as easy and quick as possible
  • One for pupils and parents, with a nice UX to be appealing and engaging

Also, since the school never worked with a technical agency to develop an app from scratches, we worked with them in an Agile way: we had a list of “Must have” and a list of “Nice to have”, and while working together we reviewed priorities periodically to check if we wanted to change something (and we did). It’s only while developing the app that they realized that some features weren’t that urgent, but others were key features. And they even added things they didn’t know they needed until they saw something implemented.

Through the process we guided them and suggested the best practices in our field of expertise.

How the solution was used:

The school is now using the app to assess more than 100 pupils, integrating with systems already in place. The staff is very happy with the solution and they kept asking for new features to be added.

What benefits it provided and the results:

  • Centralized system to work with pupils
  • Engagement
  • Delivered on time
  • Tailored on their needs
  • Implemented in a way that can be sold to other schools – a profitable product