Technology with... Magic

Imaginative solutions that enchant Disney consumers.

See how

The wonder of working with the world’s largest media company

Creating software that enriches the Disney experience and enhances loyalty

The visionaries behind some of the most loved brands around the globe.

Creating magic in over 40 countries and territories.

Delivering entertainment experiences that are universally cherished, including:

  • Disney
  • Star Wars
  • Marvel

As their technology partner, we deliver:

  • Successful loyalty platforms
  • Real-time insight to optimize user experiences
  • Increased engagement, loyalty and spend

The Challenge

Increasing direct to consumer physical product sales, site acquisition and lifetime value.

Extending engagement and optimizing user experience through CRM insight, A/B testing and personalisation.

Replacing old loyalty scheme with new capabilities, engagement and consumer insight.

Our Solutions

Building a Robust, secure and scalable point-based loyalty platform, catering for millions of users globally.

Central CRM hub integrating tightly with internal systems, partners and other 3rd parties.

Delivering built-in moderation, eCommerce, distribution, customer care and real-time reporting.

Key Wins

Code and points based loyalty scheme with state of the art personalised offers and rewards engine.

Successful migration and upgrade of hundreds of millions of transactions from legacy platform.

10 years of continuous supporting, optimizing and enriching the loyalty platform.

Billions of unique loyalty codes generated and redeemed.

Clear insight proving the loyalty ROI from increased engagement and repeat business.


"I was immediately impressed by their deep technical knowledge, balanced by a confident yet friendly style"
Mike Ridgewell, Vice President, CRM, Disney

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