Technology with... Vision, Trust, Results

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Technology with... Vision


Software that brings the silver screen to the consumer screen

Starring alongside Fandango, the largest online movie ticketing service in the US.

Delivering blockbuster results that drive customer loyalty.

Using our SPIKA Spotlight® loyalty platform to reward 40 million people per month.

Technology with... Trust

National Health Service (NHS)

Improving the health and wellbeing of patients who need it most

Using smart tech to reduce waiting times, implement medical guidelines and improve lives.

Creating solutions with care to support the UK’s National Health System (NHS).

Delivering reliable, secure technology that makes a difference. Just what the Doctor ordered.

Technology with... Results

Orchard Hill College

Bringing learning to life with cutting-edge teaching tech

Helping students enjoy education and engage in lessons.

Building smart solutions for schools to assess progress and improve outcomes.

Bringing teachers, students and families closer through simple information sharing.

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