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SPIKA Spotlight® is our in-house developed software platform which forms the foundation of all our consumer engagement solutions.

Our marketing and consumer engagement platform
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Services we provide:

For us at SPIKA, building and delivering projects is only the beginning. We know that software platforms don’t run by themselves; technologies, users and business objectives constantly evolve; and solutions don’t become successful without hard work from skilled people. That’s why half our team are focused on supporting you after the initial project has gone live. Here are the core standard services we provide:

Our shared, secure and scalable cloud-based server infrastructure is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
We offer comprehensive and tailored Client and 24/7 Technical Support, from the same team who were involved with building and testing your product.
Our Email and Promotions team can help you configure and manage all aspects of the one-to-one communication with your customers.
Technology, Architecture and Databases
CRM Strategy, Personalisation, Promotions, Loyalty & Inbound Marketing
Creative Design, IA/UX, Wire framing
Project management, Business Analysis
SEO and Social Media
Web Production
Mobile App development and rich-media HTML5 games
Data modelling, migration, analysis, cleansing, Systems integration