SPIKA Spotlight.
An adaptable consumer engagement platform.

SPIKA’s digital marketing experience, gained from working with an impressive portfolio of clients, and our dynamic and talented team have enabled us to create something special.

SPIKA Spotlight® is an incredibly sophisticated direct-to-consumer marketing and promotions platform that provides measurable customer insight and personalized customer experience.

Benefits of SPIKA Spotlight®

  • It will enable you to get to know your customers and create a personalized experience tailored to their needs and interests
  • A digital platform that allows you to engage and excite customers in your campaigns, products, services or events
  • A destination where your customers can interact on their terms, using the device of their choice
  • Improved awareness of your product/brand and capturing of names and consumer data
  • Increased brand loyalty and ultimately customer lifetime value
  • Provide opportunities to make money through up-sells and partner promotions
  • Based on a simple marketing campaign model, SPIKA Spotlight is cost effective and provides an excellent ROI
  • Short lead times for rolling out your new marketing campaigns will result in quicker, more tangible benefits
  • Real time detailed reporting will ensure you never lose sight of your marketing targets. You can instantly measure the effectiveness and see the performance of your campaigns

SPIKA Spotlight® has been designed with our customers’ needs at its heart.
It is the very reason why Spotlight is a successful and proven solution.

How Spotlight Works

The Turn-Key Ecosystem

SPIKA Spotlight® is designed to easily and seamlessly integrate with your existing IT platforms and software. But don’t worry if you don’t have the systems, ability or desire to integrate or host. The Spotlight platform already contains fully functional integrations and implementations of all required support systems out of the box, enabling you to be up and running at the click of a button (almost!).

Key Features

SPIKA Spotlight® offers a wide range of functionality, and as a result, caters for a diverse range of business needs.

The key features of Spotlight are:

  • It is powerful, flexible and fully configurable, with different levels of sophistication to suit all businesses, from medium size SME’s to large corporations
  • SPIKA Spotlight is built on mature technology, with a proven track record in large-scale production
  • Mobile devices are at the centre, thus ensuring full exposure of your marketing campaigns
  • It integrates easily with existing business and CRM systems
  • SPIKA Spotlight is fully translatable to support multiple marketing locations and countries
  • It has flexible hosting with advanced CRM data capturing and management
  • SPIKA Spotlight comes as a fully managed service, so no need for additional staff or training, and has built-in customer care functionality
  • Our fantastic team can make functional changes to SPIKA Spotlight for specific cases to make your marketing website better and the usage easier
  • SPIKA Spotlight has been fully tested on all browsers, mobiles and tablets
  • All sites are fully tested in a Quality Assurance Environment to confirm the best quality, and that everything works exactly the way you want it to
  • Our experienced Project Managers will establish your key requirements, time frames and budgets and ensure we stick to them