Applying smart solutions to complex challenges

Building software that boosts engagement with brands.

Creating custom campaigns that deliver return on investment.

Our services

Tailored Loyalty Programmes

Engaging and exciting your customers with powerful loyalty schemes.

Personalizing and custom-building programmes to promote your brand, products and services.

Helping some of the world’s biggest brands, using our in-depth experience.

  • Build brand affinity so consumers keep coming back.
  • Reward loyalty, drive sales and expand market reach.
  • Increase lifetime value and hold off the competition.
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Digital Marketing Campaign Management

Creating prize draws, sweepstakes, event invitations, digital coupons, gift offers and more.

Providing end-to-end solutions. From strategy and design to production, management and measurement.

Integrating with your marketing media to deliver measurable solutions.

Using our own consumer engagement platform SPIKA Spotlight® - a secure, robust and innovative platform to deliver engaging experiences on a global scale.

  • Build a buzz. Build awareness. Build loyalty.
  • Send, manage and monitor your campaigns with our SPIKA Spotlight® platform.
  • Use digital to engage your audience. And data to inform smarter decisions.
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Digital Product Development

Turning your new SaaS ideas into revolutionary realities.

Developing lean, robust and tested software using Java and industry best-practices.

Helping with competitor analysis, user-centered design, user-requirement analysis, product strategy and road mapping.

  • Bring your big ideas to life through our creative technology.
  • Build a partnership that meets your challenges and exceeds your brief.
  • Get powerful products and platforms that work for your market.
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Event Invitations and Ticketing Platforms

Ensuring your event stands out and runs seamlessly, using our SPIKA Events platform.

Generating invites, handling bookings, offering discounts and upselling.

Allowing customers to easily choose dates, showtimes and seats.

Simplifying entry with scannable barcodes or printed and distributed physical tickets.

  • Open digital doors for crowds of consumers.
  • Get seamless sales, easy invites and trouble-free ticketing.
  • Simplify responses, guest-lists and performance tracking.
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Hosting and Platform Management

Happily hosting, running and maintaining all the tech to keep your solution performing perfectly.

Answering questions, fixing issues, training your team and producing reports.

Supporting your management, joining your meetings when needed.

  • Feel confident with our secure, robust and compliant solutions.
  • Simplify your day-to-day management with intuitive dashboards.
  • Get detailed reporting plus ongoing support.
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