With Spotlight NEON as your Customer Engagement and Data Platform at the core of your tech stack, you will have the perfect tool to deliver on your digital marketing objectives today and tomorrow.

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With 15+ years’ experience of providing the martech and supporting tailored consumer engagement programmes for some of the most prestigious and digitally advanced brands in the world

The N-Dimensional Customer Data Platform

No more siloed data buckets with fragmented data. NEON was designed bottom-up to cater for any data, structured or unstructured, in a single place, connected and ready to inform and to be actioned. By connecting your data sources, NEON will stitch, clean and link information to build unified customer profiles.

Convert anonymous zero-party profiles to known first-party as soon as they share their identity. The NEON activity log contains a lifetime stream of all customer events together with any data you wish to store about the event. Plug in your machine learning toolkit to categorise and predict next best step or use rule-based automation.

NEON Dimensions allows you to add new dimensions to your data! With dimensions, you can add any type of metadata together with the records you store. An example could be the channel the data was captured through, the customer’s location, brand, country or webform they submitted. Use Dimensions to validate data, what to display and share through API, conditional data triggers and formatting as well as for drawing insight about behaviour and reporting. Dimensions can also select what CMS data to return for a product or offer record etc.

NEON Forms lets you define smart views that combine any number of data entities into a custom view of the data. NEON Forms enables your integration partners, data science team, marketing managers etc. to work with the data as if it was a single and easy-to-manage entity. Form records can be read, stored as single records or batch imported or exported. The cleverness of NEON Forms manages all the complexities behind the scenes with the added features of scripting, validation, standardisation and cleansing together with conditional data triggers!

Deliver relevant engaging experiences across all touchpoints at every step and stage

In your arsenal you will not only have an industry leading CDP with all data available on your customers that can be used to target and personalise offers and experiences. NEON comes with a rich set of advanced features and APIs to build out campaigns and journeys supporting sophisticated cross-channel mechanics.

With out-of-the-box functionality for managing:

All your digital codes, coupons, voucher needs.

Contests, sweeps, instant wins

Product and Gift-with-purchase catalogue functionality for digital or physical rewards including stock level management

Unlocked or redeemed special offers

Multi e-wallet management for handling loyalty or continuity programmes

Pre-built features for storing and managing ecommerce orders etc. etc.

With NEON you can easily orchestrate robust and advanced personalised experiences and journeys without fragmenting the central data capture and rely on various integrations to control and track the customer activities. Keep in control of the data and use your preferred integration partner for messaging and delivery.

NEON’s loyalty APIs take the data platform to a new level of sophistication where you are in control of the data, with huge benefits and simplification for building out advanced engaging experiences.

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Data platform

Open, flexible, clever. Validate and clean data in flight. Create pipelines and real-time stitching. Define custom simple data windows that hide complex relations

Lifecycle and customer engagement

Personalised journeys with built-in mechanics for rewards, instant-wins, benefits and full-blown loyalty programmes

Journeys and automation

Define and track journeys. Automate next personalised experience using data triggers, customer activities, jobs and timers

Insight and reporting

Automated insight, KPIs and powerful actionable reports powered by custom data dimensions. Plug in your favourite machine learning toolkit to predict or target


Power the consumer engagement in any mobile and website and integrate with your choice of SMS, Ad, email, ecommerce, social etc. platform to always reach your customers with relevant messaging

Security and compliance

Feel safe that you comply with GDPR, CPPA and any data retention and security policies and legislation

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